I am a yoga enthusiast and teacher of 20 plus years, degree-qualified nutritionist and wellness coach, aspiring Ironman athlete of advancing years, cat lover, and more recently a writer.

I have a perennial fascination with the science of optimal well-being and the subtle art of personal flourishing.  Every day is an opportunity to learn about myself, others and the absolute wonder of living in this world.

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A little bit more about me

Once upon a time I was a young lawyer. My almost daily #MeToo experiences in the legal workplace took me to a self destructive place that I cleverly hid from everyone. Yoga taught me how to treat myself with kindness and respect, and showed me healthier ways to nourish my body and mind.

Presently, I am still learning how to transcend the finer challenges that are so intricately woven into my unique makeup, such as my highly sensitive nature which can overwhelm me with strong emotions and anxiety.

I have been prompted by others to share my thoughts and strategies on how I dissolved my self harming behaviours and negative narratives, as these may be helpful to you.

I can’t give you answers – but I will offer you heaps of encouragement and a soft place to land when you stumble. My wish is that we may all flourish and be happy, one blog post at a time.

Side note:

This blog was initially inspired by the lack of helpful and practical information for yoga practitioners who undergo breast surgery (whether for cosmetic or reconstructive purposes) and wish to maintain their practice during recovery. At the time I was contemplating my decision to have surgery, I couldn’t find any useful advice to guide me through what to expect on my recovery journey as an advanced yoga practitioner. I decided to keep an online diary and share my experiences to help other women seeking practical insight about yoga asana and general exercise after breast surgery.