Doing no harm – the paradox of self help

  Have you ever found yourself reaching for yet another self-help book or on-line course, hoping that this one will reveal the ultimate secret that you’re desperate to know? The guaranteed weight-loss formula, the champions peak performance strategy, the ultimate happiness habit, or the enlightened pathway that will soothe your pain and allow your true … Continue reading Doing no harm – the paradox of self help

The Curious Joy of Failure

Why is failure so taboo? We are all somehow expected to be empowered and successful individuals, emotionally intelligent, financially robust and leaving only a carbon toe print in our wake without so much as a random fart spoiling anyone’s day. I’ve expended so much energy trying to stay on the upward swing phase of life … Continue reading The Curious Joy of Failure

Feeling okay about feeling bad

I expect myself to be a saint with a Buddha-like capacity to flow through the vagaries of my daily life with grace and equanimity. On a good day when the sun is shining, I can accept that crap happens and not become a disgruntled mess. Other times, it throws me off balance. Whatever has gone … Continue reading Feeling okay about feeling bad